Zero-plastic, zero chemical exposure for your baby

Our glass breast milk storage containers are safer for your baby, and easier for you.

Quality in every component

Non-toxic, natural materials

Storage and organization, all in one

60 Day Full Returns

Free Carbon Neutral Shipping

Made By Parents, For Parents

Because your baby deserves the best, and so do you.

Safe for baby

No chemicals, no microplastics, and bacteria resistant

Easy for you

Designed with simple, purpose driven components

Save your money

Quality components last as long as you need them and beyond

Protect our planet

Eco-friendly, 100% reusable and 100% recyclable

Our glass breast milk storage put your baby's health first, no compromises.

Breast milk storage bags and trash bags all have one thing in common: they're made from the same type of plastic that can leach chemicals and microplastics into your baby's milk.

Burrbaby's plastic-free breast milk storage containers give you and your baby a toxin-free feeding experience.

Glass Breast Milk Storage Bundles

Super Storage Bundle

Your all-in-one glass breast milk storage, organization, and bottle bundle.

Fully supply yourself with:

- 24 4oz Glass storage containers
- 24 Premium stainless steel lids
- 2 Bamboo organization boxes


Sweetie's Storage Bundle

This bundle is a great entryway into glass breast milk storage and bottles.

Get started with:

- 12 4oz glass storage containers
- 12 Premium stainless steel lids
- 1 Bamboo organization box


Healthier for your baby

No Synthetic Chemicals

Eliminate the risk of exposing your baby to chemicals in plastic that could harm your baby.

No Microplastics

Protect your baby from the microplastics in breast milk storage bags and bottles

Safer for your Baby

Easy To Clean

Keep your baby safe from bacteria with our easy to clean storage containers and bottles

Banish Bacteria

Plastic is porous and easy to scratch, making the perfect home for bacteria

Our glass breast milk storage is the safe choice for your baby, and the easy choice for you.

BYOB: Build your own bundle

4oz Glass Breast Milk Storage Containers



8oz Glass Breastmilk Storage Containers



Bamboo Organization Box



The care put into each component of the products you use should mirror the care you provide your little one.

Premium Stainless Steel Lids

Strong, durable glass

Organic, Prop-65 Compliant Ink

Beautiful Bamboo Organization Box



Aluminum or Plastic

Premium Stainless Steel Lids

Plastic free, leak resistant, and rust-proof. A much better option than cheap aluminum, plastic or silicone.

Strong, Durable Glass

Keep your milk safe from microplastics and synthetic chemicals.

Bamboo Storage Box

Our FSC-Certified bamboo box helps you organize and secure your breast milk storage.

Make feeding your baby safer and easier at the same time.

With our zero-plastic breast milk storage, you don't have to sacrifice convenience for health.

Easily pour into our wide, stable containers

Premium lids are leak proof and easy to use when frozen

Lids fit both our 4oz and 8oz containers seamlessly

Simple to put together, easy to take apart and clean

Keep your storage secure and organized in our bamboo box

A better way to store your breast milk.

A Message From Founders Isabel and Wyatt:

We've always chosen glass over plastic at every opportunity to reduce our exposure to synthetic chemicals and microplastics. Our health is not a roll-of-the-dice kind of thing for us.

When we started our family, it was even more important to extend this philosophy to our baby.

Storing our baby's only source of nutrition in plastic breast milk storage bags was not going to happen.

We searched for a glass breast milk storage container solution, but to our surprise, our search came up empty. Nothing was completely plastic-free, convenient and cost-effective.

Parents deserve products they actually want to use that keep their babies healthy and safe. That is where our mission was born.

We created Burrbaby to empower you with a better choice. The choice to prioritize your baby's health and the planet's well-being with baby products that fit your lifestyle.

Answering your questions

Give yourself peace of mind that your baby is safe

And make storing and feeding your breast milk can be easier for you at the same time.