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Top 8 Best Glass Breastmilk Storage Options Reviewed

According to the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics, the best source of nutrition for your baby is breast milk. Between work, self-care, a little time out of the house, or other times you are away from baby, exclusively breastfeeding might not always be an option.
So, finding a safe and efficient way to store your precious milk supply is essential.

Proper breast milk storage ensures your baby always has nourishment at the ready while preserving the quality and safety of your expressed milk. If you’ve looked into your options for glass breastmilk storage, it might’ve been difficult to know which was the best choice.

Today, we will dive into some of our favorites for glass breast milk storage give you some guidance on what is available!

The Value of Glass Breast Milk Storage

You wouldn’t have arrived at this article if you weren’t already considering glass breastmilk storage options over plastic. However, let’s review some reasons why health-conscious and eco-friendly parents choose glass.

Read more about the benefits of glass breastmilk storage here.

First, glass is free of the synthetic chemicals found in plastic. Unlike plastic containers, glass will not leach harmful substances or shed microplastics into your breast milk, regardless of the temperature or duration the milk is stored in it. This maintains the purity of your milk, ensuring your baby is getting nothing but natural, healthy nourishment.

baby feeding glass breastmilk storage

Next, glass containers are exceptionally durable. They can withstand the cycles of freezing, thawing, warming, and washing without losing their integrity like plastic, potentially exposing your baby to microplastics. This longevity also makes them a cost-effective choice in the long run, saving you money while protecting the environment by minimizing waste.

Speaking of the environment, choosing glass for breast milk storage aligns with our eco-friendly values. Glass is endlessly recyclable and reusable, reducing your carbon footprint and helping to conserve our planet’s resources and ecosystems.

Depending on the brand you choose, glass breastmilk containers will help you save your hard-earned money compared to the long-term cost of disposable plastic breastmilk storage and bottle options. It’s an even more considerable cost saving if you choose a brand that allows your glass breastmilk storage to double as bottles. You’ll find a couple of these options below.

Lastly, glass containers are surprisingly easy to clean and more hygienic than plastic. Their scratch-resistant, non-porous surfaces don’t absorb smells or tastes and makes it much harder for bacteria to grow. Plus, they are generally dishwasher-safe, freeing up more time for you to cuddle with your little one.

Read more about making the switch from plastic to glass for breastmilk storage.


What to Look For in Glass Breast Milk Storage


So now that you are set on using glass, what should you look for when choosing a glass breast milk storage container?

Health-conscious: One of the top reasons parents choose glass storage is its chemical-free nature. Prioritize containers made from high-quality, food-grade glass with bonuses like organic inks that ensure no harmful substances leach into your breast milk. It’s an even bigger bonus if the brand chooses to offer a zero-plastic solution.

Eco-friendly: Another advantage of glass is its eco-friendliness. Look for easily recyclable containers produced by brands committed to other sustainable practices. For example, do they use shipping boxes made from recycled material or carbon-neutral shipping? Are they using all natural components?

It’s also important to keep in mind durability as well. Materials like plastic and silicone are easier to break than stainless steel and require more frequent replacements, meaning more waste and money spent.

Cost-effective: Although the initial investment in glass containers might be higher than in plastic, they’re more cost-effective than plastic in the long run. Look for durable containers that can withstand repeated use and washing without wearing out.

Limited plastic and silicone components (preferably steel lids which are the most durable), protective organization boxes to keep the glass safe, and the ability to double as bottles are all things to keep in mind.

Convenience: Look for containers with wide openings for easy pouring and cleaning, clear volume markings, and secure lids for leak-free storage and transport.

Again, the hierarchy of lid quality typically has plastic as the least desirable, silicone in the middle and stainless steel at the top. Consider whether the brand is creating a complete organization, storage, and feeding solution or if they are just offering glass jars with plastic lids.

Versatility: Some glass containers double as baby bottles, a convenient option that lets you store, freeze, thaw, and serve milk all in the same container. This saves time and reduces the potential spills.

The perfect glass product will cater to your lifestyle and provide assurance that your baby’s nourishment is stored safely and sustainably.

Our Review of Your Best Options for Glass Breastmilk Storage

1. Burrbaby’s Glass Breastmilk Storage Bundles Review

Burrbaby’s Glass Breastmilk Storage and Feeding Bundles are our top pick for glass breastmilk storage. These bundles are thoughtfully designed for practicality, cost-effectiveness, and, most importantly, your baby’s health. This product puts a fresh spin on breastmilk storage by offering a completely zero-plastic approach, and they also serve a double purpose for food and snack storage as your baby grows.


Burrbaby glass breastmilk storage and feeding bundle review

One way Burrbaby sets itself apart by replacing plastic or silicone lids with durable, leak-proof and premium stainless steel with a silicone seal.

Another intriguing aspect of this product is the FSC-certified bamboo storage box which keeps stored breastmilk organized and safe.

Finally, Burrbaby also offers bottle conversion nipples(stainless steel bands with wide, natural nipples) that fit both the 4oz and 8oz jars, making it very easy to go from storage to feeding.

For the value, quality, and convenience Burrbaby offers, we find it hard to beat. Burrbaby exemplifies what it means to offer a comprehensive solution for storing and feeding breastmilk. It also shows dedication to sustainability beyond its products by using recycled packaging materials and carbon-neutral shipping.


Burrbaby containers are uniquely made from thick glass and premium stainless steel, safeguarding breastmilk from chemicals while being very durable.

Interchangeable bottle conversion nipples streamline the transition from storage to feeding.

Zero plastic is the most eco-friendly way to go, and Burrbaby also utilizes FSC-certified bamboo organization boxes. They take sustainability one step further with eco-friendly shipping practices.

Wide-mouth, scratch-resistant jars enable easy cleaning and sterilization.

With natural materials, the Burrbaby offering is the most elegant. These jars transition perfectly to food storage when your baby grows beyond breastfeeding.


Some other options come at a slightly lower price, although they don’t offer the same quality or functionality.

Due to the shape of the jars, 4oz containers only have volume marks up to 1.5oz.

These breastmilk containers don’t directly screw into pumping systems, but the wide mouth makes it easy to pour milk into them.

Check out all of Burrbaby's Glass Breastmilk Storage and Feeding Bundles

2. Matyz Glass Breast Milk Storage Containers Review

The Matyz 4-Pack Wide Mouth Glass Breast Milk Storage Containers priced at $28.99 offer a good storage solution. The containers are made from food-grade glass that can withstand extreme temperatures. With a 3-in-1 functionality, moms can pump, store, and feed from the same container, preserving the quality of breast milk and reducing the need for transfers.


Matyz glass breastmilk storage review

These containers also have marked measurements for proper storage and feeding.

When using them with narrow-neck pumps, they require a converter, which can be included depending on the bundle you choose.

This option is best for parents looking for a small breastmilk storage option that will plug right into their breast pump. With that said, transferring breastmilk from your pump’s built-in collection device to other glass breastmilk options with a wide mouth is not difficult. The price will make this a very expensive option to service all your breastmilk storage needs.


Offers 3-in-1 functionality: pumping, storing, and feeding from the same bottle, reducing breast milk transfers, and preserving precious milk.

Features clearly marked measurements for proper storage and feeding.


While the bottles work well with most wide-neck pumps, using them with narrow-neck pumps requires a converter.

These storage containers are quite expensive, offering just four glass containers with plastic lids.

It doesn’t offer a complete storage solution. To match Burrbaby’s offering, you would need to purchase multiple packs and obtain a plastic freezer organizer from a different company.

Nipples are sold separately, and both lid options are plastic.


With the curved shape, it might be difficult to get every last drop of milk out, and will be harder to clean than straight sided containers.


Check out Matyz Glass Breastmilk Storage on Amazon

3. Haakaa Sealed Glass Storage Jar Set Review

The Haakaa Sealed Glass Storage Jar Set, priced at $34.99, provides a pretty good solution for breast milk storage. The set comes with four 7 oz borosilicate glass jars, each with an airtight silicone lid, helping to ensure the freshness and safety of your milk. These jars are resistant to extreme temperatures and safe to use in dishwashers, microwaves, and boiling water.


hakaa glass breast milk storage

Our final take on these is that while they seem to offer a good plastic-free option, that high price seems hard to justify, and other options on our list offer better value and more flexibility.


Durable glass jars with airtight, leak-proof silicone lids.

Their glass containers have a nice, wide design.

Safe for dishwashers, microwave sterilizers, and steam sterilizers.

Useful for storing both liquids and solids.


Quite expensive for what you receive. A 4-pack of 7 jars is $34.99. You’d need to spend quite a bit to get the volume of other brands.

No organization option is offered, so you must purchase an organizer for the freezer and fridge elsewhere.

No feeding lid, meaning if you purchase these, you will need to buy separate bottles and transfer milk from the Haakaa storage to your feeding bottles.


Check out Haakaa's Glass Breastmilk Storage on Amazon


4. Mason Bottle Breastmilk Storage Review

Mason Bottle offers a relatively affordable solution for storing, freezing, warming, and feeding from the same container. However, if you want to convert to feeding and receive their silicone sleeve, the upgrades can get costly fast.

A big downside is that the lids are plastic, which may not appeal to those seeking a fully plastic-free or more durable solution. While the minimalist design is functional and can be upcycled beyond the baby stage, some parents may prefer a more aesthetically pleasing option.


Mason Bottle Glass Breastmilk Jars Review

Overall, Mason Bottle offers a good budget solution.  They only offer plastic lids, which, as we know, are much more prone to cracking and leaks than stainless steel alternatives. Brands such as Burrbaby offer a more comprehensive and desirable solution while being in the same general price range.



Versatile use for storage, freezing, warming, and feeding from the same jar.

Upgraded mason jars have volume markings for easy measuring.

Freezer safe for breast milk and baby food storage.

It can be transformed into a baby bottle by purchasing Mason Bottle silicone nipples, silicone sleeves, rings, and caps.


Lids are made of plastic which is prone to leaks and breaking, in addition to being less sustainable.

Some might find the design lacks aesthetic appeal.

Jars do not come with silicone nipples, silicone sleeves, feeding lids, and caps - these must be purchased separately.

Some reviewers stated they did not use the silicone sleeve as it adds one more layer of complexity and another item to clean. Additionally, the sleeve only marginally protects against breaks.

No organization is offered, so you will need to purchase that separately.

Check out Mason Bottle on Amazon


5. WeeSprout Baby Food Jars Review

The WeeSprout Baby Food Jars, retailing at $29.99, are versatile storage solutions not specifically designed for breast milk but can serve that purpose well. They are safe for the freezer, dishwasher, and microwave (without the plastic lids), making them convenient for meal prep and quick cleanup. Since they are more for food storage, there are no compatible feeding lids.

Weesprout glass baby food storage jar review

Our final take is that 12 jars for $30 make them a pretty good value option. However, we feel other options like Burrbaby offer more for your dollar. If you choose WeeSprout, don’t expect the same quality as you would with Burrbaby, Matyz, or Haakaa.


Freezer safe and convenient for meal prepping.

Dishwasher safe for quick & easy cleanup.

It comes with a bonus dry-erase marker for labeling.

Good price for the number of jars you receive.


Although some people in the reviews stated they use it for breastmilk storage, it is not explicitly made for it.

While they have a tight seal, they might not be completely leak-proof since they aren’t solely designed for liquids.

Plastic lids may break or leak over time.


No compatible feeding lid.

There is nothing for organization, so you must purchase this elsewhere.

Check out WeeSprout on Amazon

6. Comi Wide Neck Glass Breastmilk Collection n Storage Bottle Review


The Comi Wide Neck Glass Breastmilk Collection n Storage Bottle is a good option overall for mothers looking for a versatile glass bottle for pumping, storing, and feeding.

These bottles feature food-grade glass and a plastic/silicone lid for leak-proof storage. Their nipples must be purchased separately. However, they can turn these storage containers into bottles.


Comi glass breastmilk storage review

The measurement marks in 10 ml increments allow for precise monitoring of milk production. The plastic lids may deter those looking for a completely plastic-free solution, and the lack of a larger package option may limit its convenience for some parents.

Our verdict is that these are a good option if you want a small set that connects to your breast pump. However, for parents seeking a complete breastmilk storage solution, these are impractical for the number of 4-packs you’d need to purchase.



Three-in-one glass bottle can be used for pumping, storing, and feeding.

The lid can accommodate a nipple.

Fine measurement mark in 10 ml increments.


Plastic lids can leak or break and are unsuitable for parents looking for zero-plastic options.

Only available in packs of 4, and fully switching from plastic to glass breastmilk storage with this system would likely be cost-prohibitive.

No organization option, so something would need to be purchased aside from this.

Storage bottles don’t come with nipples, which have to be purchased separately.

Check out Comi's Glass Breastmilk Storage on Amazon

7. Mila’s Keeper Expecting Mama Starter Set Review

The Mila's Keeper starter set is designed for the on-the-go mother. This kit features an insulated breast milk cooler, a glass storage bottle, and an ice pack. The glass storage bottle is placed in the insulated cooler which can keep milk cold for up to 20 hours. However, its capacity is very limited, fitting only one of their 5oz breastmilk storage bottles or two plastic breastmilk storage bags.


mila's keeper glass breastmilk storage review

Overall, we think this is a neat solution for mothers who need to keep breastmilk cool for extended periods of time while they are traveling, and it seems to be very high quality. However, this system does not seem versatile for general breastmilk storage and the price point makes it not feasible to use for all your breastmilk storage needs.

Additionally, it only keeps 5oz cool, so for mothers who need more than that, it’s probably more practical to have a small cooler with a couple ice packs where you can throw in multiple glass jars.



High-quality kit that keeps small amounts of breastmilk cool for extended periods of time.

Compatibility with various pumps and nipples due to different neck sizes of storage bottles.


Limited capacity of the cooler - fits only one storage bottle or two milk bags.

The necessity to verify bottle/bag measurements for a proper fit in the cooler.

A much higher price point than some competitors, and is not suitable for large volumes of breastmilk storage.

Silicone lid may wear out faster than stainless steel lids.

8. Sage Spoonfuls Glass Baby Food Storage Jars Review

Sage Spoonfuls Glass Baby Food Storage Jars provide an option for those seeking a versatile glass breastmilk and food storage solution. These 4oz jars feature airtight plastic lids and are safe for refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher use.

Some parents may have reservations about their suitability because these jars are not explicitly marketed for breast milk storage. The plastic lids may not appeal to those seeking a plastic-free solution.


Sage spoonfuls glass baby food jars for breastmilk storage review

The price is slightly higher than other budget options but is still relatively affordable. At the end of the day, nothing separates these from other budget options we have reviewed above, and there is no reason to recommend these over others. They are also not specifically made for breastmilk storage. However, they might be worth picking up if you find them on sale.


4oz capacity with measurement markings to 2oz for portion reference.

Jars are airtight and come with easy-to-use screw-on lids.

Jars are refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher safe.


Plastic lids are undesirable because they are prone to cracking/leaking and are less sustainable or health-friendly than non-plastic options like stainless steel.

It is not explicitly marketed for breast milk storage.

Only available in packs of 6.

No bottle conversion option limits their versatility.

No organization option means you’ll have to purchase that separately.


Check out Sage Spoonfuls on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long Can I Store Breast Milk in Glass Containers?


Breast milk storage guidelines from the CDC suggest that freshly expressed milk can be stored in the back of the refrigerator for up to 4 days, in the back of a regular freezer for six months, and in a deep freezer for up to 12 months.

Always remember to use the oldest milk first. For more extended storage, glass provides peace of mind as there is no chance of chemical leaching. With plastic, as time goes on, the risk only gets higher.

Read here for more breastmilk storage tips and signs of spoilage.


glass breastmilk storage frequently asked questions

How Should I Thaw Frozen Breast Milk Stored in Glass?


The ideal way to thaw frozen breastmilk is to place the glass container in the refrigerator overnight. If you need to thaw it quickly, you can hold the container under warm running water or place it in a bowl of warm water.

Never use a microwave, as it can create hot spots that could burn your baby’s mouth. Additionally, if the milk gets too hot it can degrade some of the nutrients in the milk.

Can I Add Freshly Pumped Breast Milk to Already Stored Milk in the Glass Container?

You can combine freshly pumped milk with already stored milk, but ideally only after you’ve cooled the fresh milk in the refrigerator. It’s recommended only to combine milk expressed on the same day. Ultimately, storing breastmilk from each pumping session is recommended separately, so storage options like the Mighty Mama Bundle from Burrbaby with 24 4oz containers are ideal.

Head here for 5 tips for safe breastmilk storage in the refrigerator and freezer.

Can I Rewarm Milk More Than Once?


It’s generally recommended not to rewarm breast milk. The repeated heating process can cause the milk’s beneficial properties to deteriorate. It’s best only to thaw and heat what you expect your baby will need. Additionally, exposing breastmilk to warm temperatures more often can lead to potentially harmful bacterial growth and spoiling.

Is Glass Better Than Plastic for Storing Breast Milk?

Glass is an excellent choice for storing breast milk as it doesn’t absorb smells or flavors like plastic can. It’s also less likely to contain harmful chemicals that can leach into the milk. Furthermore, glass is more eco-friendly and durable than plastic. The ability to reuse glass throughout your entire breastfeeding journey often makes it a cost-saving option.

How Do I Clean Glass Breast Milk Storage Containers?

Glass storage containers can be washed in hot, soapy water or a dishwasher. Be sure to thoroughly clean the container and lid and allow them to dry completely before use. We recommend steam sterilization if you can do so for extra precaution against bacteria.

Here's an article we wrote for you to learn more about cleaning and caring for glass breastmilk storage containers.

Wrapping up the Best Glass Breastmilk Storage Options


Choosing the best glass breast milk storage option is a balancing act between finding optimal health considerations, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

Ultimately, we recommend Burrbaby as it strikes the perfect balance of cost, quality, convenience, and sustainability. We built Burrbaby to give you a solution you not only feel the need to use but a solution that you want to use. 

No matter which glass breastmilk storage option you choose, they are all preferable over plastic, and you will be making the right choice to protect the health of your family and the planet.

Finally, always remember to follow safe storage and handling practices to ensure the quality and safety of your breast milk.


Note: If you do end up purchasing any of the options on this list, we may receive a small affiliate commission. The prices are the same either way.

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